SILC is a National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center

The Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center is a National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center. The NSF Science of Learning Centers (SLC) program supports large-scale, long-term projects to extend the frontiers of knowledge of learning and to create the intellectual, organizational, and physical infrastructure needed for the long-term advancement of learning research. All SLCs share a science of learning research focus and incorporate diverse, multidisciplinary environments through partnerships with academia, industry, education, and other related public and private entities. SLCs seek to understand what learning is and how it is affected at all levels. The SLC enterprise emerges from the intersections of diverse disciplines across the biological, cognitive, computational, mathematical, physical and social sciences, engineering, and education. Each SLC is awarded NSF funding to meet the goals of:

  1. Advancing the frontiers of all the sciences of learning through integrated research;
  2. Connecting this research to specific scientific, technological, educational, and workforce challenges; and
  3. Enabling research communities that can capitalize on new opportunities and discoveries and respond to new challenges.

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